Vladas Karatajus is among the most famous and prominent Lithuanian artists of the 20th Century. Let's help him to become the first international known Lithuanian painter.

Vladas Karatajus was born on the 28th of July 1925 in the town of Vilkaviskis in Lithuania.

He entered the State Art Institute of Vilnius in 1946 and enrolled a few years later in the study of figurative composition and portrait lead by Professor Vytautas Mackevičius.

He graduated from the Institute in 1952 to be then invited as a lecturer. Vladas Karatajus was awarded the title of Associate Professor in 1965 and became Professor some time later. In 1968, the artist became Director of the Department of Painting.

Vladas Karatajus participated in 20 personal and collective exhibitions in Lithuania and three joint exhibitions abroad. He also compiles the "Manual of Painting Technique" in 1976.

Vladas Karatajus was interested in the canvases of Vincent Van Gogh, Henri Matisse and Paul Cezanne. He is a colourist who believes that the possibilities of colours are infinite. His art is characterised by a subtle feeling of colours, capability to exploit expressive potential in landscapes, portraits and still lifes, and to combine a decorative potential with a delicate composition harmony.

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