1922 - born in the village of Aleknos, Juodupė district, Rokiškis country, Lithuania.
1942-1948 studied painting at the Vilnius Institute of Art.
1947 joined the Lithuania Theatre Union.
1948 expelled from the Institute of Art after the deportation of her family; worked as an artist at the State Opera and Ballet Theatre.
1949 dismissed on political grounds from the State Theatre; fearing deportation, hid in Linkuva, Panevėžys, Ramygala; joined the Klaipėda Theatre; on the advice of R. Juknevičius, appealed to J. Paleckis, Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the Lithuanian SSR, and obtained his guarantee that repressions would cease.
1954-1961 chief artist at the Klaipėda Drama Teatre; designed stes and costumes for over 50 plays; produced set designs for theatres in Šiauliai, Vilnius, Kaunas.
1960 joined the Lithuanian Artists‘ Unijon.
1974 joined the Lthuanian Cinematographers‘ Unijon.
1978 retired with a pension; focused on painting.
1982 awarded Honorary Artisto of the Lithuanian SSR; presented first solo exhibition, and catalogue of paintings and set designs, at the Vilnius Exhibition Palace.
1991-1997 four solo and various group exhibitions at the Gallery Vartai; participated in all Gallery Vartai exhibitions in the USA, Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Czech Republic, Poland, Russia, Latvia.
1997 released first book of potery, entitled „Sayings“; received the Lithuanian Republic Art Award.

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