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Fructus Artis in Latin means “works of authorship”, “works of art”, “fruits of art”.
This name is chosen as we esteem aesthetics and harmony – a colorway in painting, an excellence of forms in sculpture, and a play of lines in graphics.

We believe that art may bring people to better understanding and love of life, that it exists and will exist until at least one of us needs it.

Art is the most charming, the most exacting, the most joyful and the best symbol of eternal, reasonless aspiration of humankind after goodness, truth and perfection. TH. MANN

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The photographer's Daiva Liubamirskaite's photo cycle "Between", which was never published before, is something that makes you think about "what? between what?". Between art and nature, between earth and heaven, between the past and the future, inspite the fact that often everything is determined by chance, remains the unstoppable will to seek for beauty, perfection and harmony.



Glossary is a system of terms and definitions. Here you can read about Body art, Computer art, Conceptual art, Contemporary art, Minimalism, Postmodern art and much much more.

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